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Update:- The IOS version of the game got updated today(April 17,2013) and new levels are added. I have updated solution to these new levels, do check it out starting from level 20. It has been long since we had a game that can be both simple yet challenging. Now, here is MixTwo– a simple word game that can get more addictive than you can imagine! The moment you take a look at the picture below, you can get what the game is all about. At each level, you get two pictures and your job is to guess the word that links the two pictures. If you like this game then you should try playing Words In A Pic.

If you are playing 94% app and need help with any levels then check our blog 94percent answers. You can find answers to Words Crush app here at Words Crush Solver. We are excited to play 4 Pics 1 Word and thanks to 4pics1wordsolver we are able to progress through levels 🙂

Easy as it may sound, the game gets hard level after level. This is when we come to your help with MixTwo Answers and cheats that can help you cross all levels without having to break your head too long!

With just a month of its release, MixTwo has become super-popular among Apple users. As of now, the game is compatible with IPhone, IPad and IPod, while an Android version of the game is expected soon! MixTwo for Android was released on March 16, 2013. You can download it from here or Google Play.

There is every chance that MixTwo could become the most popular game of 2013, or even get to the heights of games like Tetris. It is in every way interesting and enriching. Start playing now and try guessing as long as you can. And when you are totally out of words, come and find the solution here!

You can download MixTwo from Itunes for free here.

It looks like the puzzles are in different order for Android(they got updated on April 1,2013) and IOS. For android they have categorized the puzzle as Variety, Fun, Clever and Epic with 50 puzzles in each of these categories. Hence I have decided to post answers for them in separate posts. You can find links for them below.


variety fun clever epic


level 1 answers level 2 answerslevel 3 answerslevel 4 answerslevel 5 answers level 6 answerslevel 7 answers level 8 answerslevel 9 answerslevel 10 answers level 11 answers level 12 answerslevel 13 answerslevel 14 answerslevel 15 answerslevel 16 answerslevel 17 answerslevel 18 answerslevel 19 answerslevel 20 answerslevel-21-answers level 22 level-23-answers level 24 answers level 25 answers

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214 thoughts on “MixTwo Answers

  1. Carla

    Movie ticket + popcorn
    Letters are
    M A T I N E E R H U D T
    It won’t accept
    MATINEE as the answer.
    What else could it be?

  2. Frank

    Need help with a puzzle in fun category.

    Boat/Cruise + airstrip

    it starts with CA and the rest of the letters are

    I E L R H R S W A R

  3. kimberly phan

    what is the one where there is a man and this tower with electricity flowing out of it ? the letters are
    T E E A R L C C V N I I

  4. Bob iverson

    What is the answer where it looks like somebody holding a stick and the they picture is like hay? The first letter of the word is B. the letters are U U I E O N B T C R M O

  5. ZA

    Hey, anyon heave the latest update for iPad? If so can u pls tell me the answer to wet sand+foot? Thanks

  6. Sue

    Please can someone tell me what a bow (as in bow and arrow) and a coiled piece of rope is … 9 letters
    s g a t b
    o i r w n e


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